Festival Special Combo Offer
  • Shubh Chai - CTC Mamri Chai- An ideal blend of finest teas - refreshing & enjoyable
  • Dhavala Vintage Orthodox – The connoisseurs tea- the ultimate tea experience
  • Dhavala Green Tea
  • Wellness Brew : A superb herbal combination with Green Tea- helps fight infection
  • Lemon Grass : A refreshing beverage with the fragrance of lemon & rich in Vitamin-C, immunity booster
  • Honey Chamomile : An exotic combination – a superb relaxant that induces sleep.
  • LG Instant Café – 100% Pure Instant Coffee – as close to Filter Coffee as you can get.
  • Kochar’s Cardamom CD-8 : Selected bold grade plantation cardamom
  • Kochar’s Cloves IC-15 : Special renownend grade Indian Cloves
  • Kochar’s White Pepper WP-550 : A subtle & mild version of black pepper

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